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Techniques of Effective Communication & Coordination
Training date : March 11, 2015 (9.00-16.00 Hr.)
Place : Amari Boulevard Bangkok Hotel
Lecturer : A. Komin Muangchan

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Communication & Coordination are very important for present time. Cover the work, study or even to socialize. To succeed in communication and coordination, you must have readiness and understanding in a variety of thoughts, feelings, and philosophy of others. When you have skills and ability for good communication & coordination, you would have friendship, reliability, social acceptance and success in careers.

1. To gain good communicative knowledge, and understanding,
2. To be able to communicate with everyone effectively.
3. To gain the knowledge, conformity and accomplishments of work
4. To be the guideline of correct coordination
5. To decrease the obstacles, conflict of work and achieve unity in the organization

Training Topics
1. Effective Communication
• The meaning of communication
• Relationships with Communication
• Techniques to build confidence of speech
• Arts of Language Use for Communication
2. Techniques for communication to strengthen the atmosphere within organization
• Strategies to creating a good atmosphere for communication
• Strategies to motivate people listen
• Strategies to answer the questions
• Arts of conversation
3. Effective Coordination
• Techniques for situational leadership
• Elements of coordination
• Objectives and benefits of coordination
• Strategies for receiving the cooperation from of coordination
• Problems, obstacles, and guidelines for resolving the problems of coordination

Training Format
• Explain to take example clearly (Happy atmosphere, not bored)
• Activities / Workshop / Watch video
• Summary the tips that should remember and apply for using of work life.


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