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Powerful English Email Communication for Business
Public Training : March 20, 2015 (9.00-16.00 Hr.)
By A.Kawan Chiraguna

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A corporate image is seen through several means. Email communication is one of them as it shows professionalism of an organization. A person who is assigned to communicate on behalf of a company is inevitably placed in a front-line role. It is important that any staff with such close contact to customers, business partners, and other involving parties, know their significance in business. By the end of this class, participants are expected to be able to correspond most efficiently on email, with respect of precision, clarity, time saving, and international business culture. All outbound emails must provoke the next positive action for business. This class has been Marketing-driven designed.

1. To promote awareness of how important an email is for a business in a tougher global competition.
2. To make known of the dos and don’ts in International business communication.
3. To walk Thai staffs, whose English is their second language, through doors of how an effective international written presentation should be made, reducing the worry of having less language skill.
4. To enable the use of emails as one of the most fruitful correspondents for business, the action seeking approach.
5. To demonstrate how to highlight the main ideas, important messages, as well as how to delete the irrelevances. Participants are to know how to minimize the risk of confusion.
6. To give the participants, some useful guidance on how to write en email that requires more sophisticated explanation, for example, how to arrange the ideas, systematically, and finally how and where the conclusion should be placed. Liable Email professionals should be able to produce their works clear enough that readers spend the least time to get the big picture, and the important supporting information.
A corporate email should only enhance the goodwill of a corporate.

1. The growth of business email, why and how an email makes a deal today and tomorrow.
2. Online Cultural facets, Thai VS Global
3. Effective business writing Techniques. How to “Get to heart right away, and keep THAT attention to the end”
4. Writing emails that involves many technical and/or complex matters, how to shape your email that would best assist your customers.
5. How to make any outbound email, one of the most powerful marketing tools for an organization.
6. Professional Email Communication in different scenarios
7. The competitive workshop.


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